Responding to the Shortage of Doctors

Recruitment of Qualified Doctors

The current shortage of doctors is not limited to the countryside; even large clinics are increasingly suffering from a shortage of medical specialists. Our solution to this shortage is the selection and placement of Iranian assistant doctors and specialist doctors in all fields, relieving some of the current pressure on the European health system.

Our clients include hospitals of all sizes and orientations, as well as medical centres and practices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We locally select and recruit highly qualified Iranian doctors for these institutions.

Preparation for Life and Work in the German-Speaking Region

Where required, we issue preparatory German lessons in Iran. Moreover, we offer the selected doctors (in co-operation with specialist partners) intensive coursesover several weeks in preparation for employment in Europe. These courses increase the chances of success in the compulsory assessment of equivalence for medical professions in Germany. Additional intercultural trainings also serve as optimal preparation for life in Europe.