Local Recruitment

The personnel placement agency Bridge Expert recruits young, well-educated and highly motivated doctors and engineers in Iran. We have direct access to the local labour market and are very well acquainted with the cultural environment.

Specialists to suit your needs

We select suitable candidates to fit your requirements. Only when we are convinced that a candidate’s competencies, experience and personality suit your job description, will we introduce them to you. You can then choose your new employee from this pool of highly qualified applicants. We accompany you from the selection process all the way to the completion of the contract. We then prepare the employees for life and work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through language and intercultural courses.

Assessment of Equivalence for Doctors

In Germany, an assessment of equivalence is required for the licensure of foreign doctors. We offer preparatory courses where the applicants learn technical terminology in German and are prepared for communication with patients in the German language.