About us

Bridge Expert places highly qualified specialists (specifically doctors and engineers) from abroad in organisations within the German-speaking area. We offer an all round service – from searching for specialists and offering guidance with relocation, all the way to local support in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

The mission of Bridge Expert’ is to recruit and sustain qualified specialists from abroad by overcoming the difficulties in relocating from non-EU countries to the German-speaking area in Europe.

The company’s vision is to bring employers and international applicants together by overcoming cultural and linguistic obstacles.

For Employers: Specialists from Iran

Every year, the excellent, widely recognised educational system in Iran graduates numerous highly qualified doctors
and engineers striving for a career arbroad – particularly in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Bridge Expert works as a bridge between employers and prospective employees.

For Applicants: Your Career Partner in Europe

Bridge Expert supports doctors and engineers searching for jobs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our all round service creates a good foundation for a successful career start. We support students in choosing a suitable university in Germany and with job applications after graduation.

Bridge Expert

Bridge stands for the goal of building international bridges between employers and employees – especially in medical and engineering professions.

Expert stands for the recruitment of medical and engineering experts, as well as the expert knowledge of the CEO and Founder in this area.